...working onboard Superyachts

Let Superyacht Crew International Training introduce you to an industry that offers outstanding pay and benefits, plus the unique opportunity to travel to the world's most exotic locations and an endless supply of memorable moments with each new day.
Imagine yourself living a different life crewing onboard a Superyacht..!

• Do you want a job that challenges, is never the same, and has career prospects?
• Do you want to work on a Superyacht and travel around the world?
• Do you want to earn excellent money and tips?

Do you have what it takes?
If working on a Superyacht is your dream…....

We can help turn your dream into reality. Every year Superyacht Crew International sends a variety of young men and women into the world of luxury yachts. We suggest the most appropriate training to assist you to get where you want to go, that also suits your budget and timetable. We will advise you about training courses for deckhands, stewards, stewardesses, chefs as well as the mandatory STCW safety training. We also have the most relevant advice about CVs and professional preparation…!

Do you have what it takes?
Increase your chances for gaining a job on a Superyacht…!

Professionally prepare: peruse our site for information about training courses that you will need to enhance your CV.

You will receive instruction from career Superyacht crew who can help you get a great start in this amazing industry.

Increase opportunities for "work experience". Take the Steward/Stewardess, Chef cross-training and Deckhand training courses.

What is the Superyacht industry all about?

We hold regular Superyacht Information seminars in Sydney. Register to come along for a relaxed, fun and informative look at the Superyacht Industry and we will answer any questions you may have. If you're not in Sydney then just give us call and we'll give you some other options!

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WINNERS! Superyacht Industry Business of the Year – Service Provider – 2015

Superyacht Crew International delivers the backbone of the Superyacht Industry: The Crew.

Superyacht Crew International is based in Sydney and offers vocational training for crew: Stewards/Stewardess, Deckhands, Chefs, and also the STCW95/STCW2010 Basic Safety Training plus Refreshers. Our aim is to give new entrants to the industry the orientation they need as well as the skills to succeed in their crew career.

As recruiters, SCI offers its services to both the local and international market. SCI is contracted time and time again by Superyacht owners and captains who rely on our ability to deliver the highest calibre of crew. We have all nationalities and types of crew on our database and can source exactly who you need for the role you need filled - wherever you are in the world.

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