Australian Superyacht Deckhand Training
Australian Superyacht Deckhand Training
Steward / Stewardess Training
Steward / Stewardess Training
Cross-training For Chefs
Cross-training For Chefs
AMSA-approved STCW95 Basic Safety Training
AMSA-approved STCW95 Basic Safety Training

Interested in starting your new career onboard a Superyacht? Here's a few common questions and answers to get you started - for the full details on Superyacht crew training click on the links above, or contact us by phone or email for more info.

What jobs are available on Superyachts?

There are four main work areas for crew:
  • Deck : Provide guest assistance, operates and maintains the vessel.
  • Interior : Stewards and Stewardesses provide all hospitality services.
  • Galley : Cooking in the galley for guests and crew (formal Chef training is usually required).
  • Engineering : Maintain all the systems onboard (requires specialised maritime career training).
The most important attribute that crew can bring to their role is a positive attitude! All your additional skills really do support your CV and enhance your chances to be selected for a job in one of the four main areas. Examples of extra skills that would enhance your prospects are: Fitness Training, Massage, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Nursing, Nanny, Carpentry, Plumbing, Security, Divemaster or Dive Instructing. Likewise, Stewards with deck skills or cooking ability and Deck Crew with hospitality skills are twice as employable, especially on Superyachts with small crews where crew members are required to multi-task.

Where do Superyachts go and when?

Superyachts primarily operate in the Mediterranean summer (July - Sept) but over winter they may migrate across the Atlantic Ocean to southern USA (Florida) or the Caribbean (Nov - Mar). Superyachts may also go north to Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada and New York in the northern hemisphere summer or on cruises to the Pacific (North and South), Seychelles, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and more. Increasingly "explorer Superyachts" are being built to satisfy more adventurous owners and world cruising is becoming common!

Firstly, choose your area of interest

You'll choose either Deckhand, Steward/ess, Chef or Engineer. Then you need to decide when you want to do it! This will govern where you go to look for work! There are two distinct "crewing up" periods: the beginning of the year is in Europe (from Feb. to June) and at the end of the year is in the USA/Caribbean (from Sept to Dec). Jobs are available all year round but usually more are available before the season starts!

Depending on your nationality, generally you'll only need:

A valid passport, a 90-day visa waiver for Europe or a crew visa for the USA, a "Superyacht style" CV, your mandatory STCW95/STCW2010 Basic Safety Training and a plane ticket! That's the barest minimum. If you want to STAND OUT from the rest and get a good job - or any job at all - you need to prepare professionally. Go one better than the other job seekers and complete a Superyacht-specific vocational course to become competent in your chosen work area.
Being successful depends on you! Make it clear why a Captain should employ you!
It's not hard when you find out from seasoned professionals how to go about it and what will make the difference to your success in the industry!

What can Australian Superyacht Crew do for me?

We advise you about the right STCW95/STCW2010 Basic Safety Training course for your needs: either an AMSA-approved which means that you have eligibility to work in Australia and internationally or the shorter/cheaper IMO compliant STCW BST which enables you to have international eligibility. We also offer an important extra day or professional training entitled: Superyacht Crew Induction that will help you get a job faster! It's a wonderful orientation to the industry to give you all the insider information. Since we are experts on CVs we will assist you to write a "Superyacht CV" that will help you get selected for interview. We also assist you to prepare for the interview. We can predict what you'll be asked at interview and we know what important information to give you about the industry because we've been there: on both sides of the interview process.

Want A BIG ADVANTAGE? we offer Superyacht-specific vocational training!

Australian Superyacht Crew offers vocational courses for Deck crew, Interior crew: Stewardess/Steward, Chefs and the STCW95/STCW2010 Basic Safety Training courses to enable you start your career onboard a Superyacht. These courses are offered in Sydney & Brisbane.

Our main aim is to help you to approach the industry successfully.

Our experienced instructors are former Superyacht crew with loads of useful insights and information to share with you. We can usually assist our graduates to gain 'work experience' after their training. You can also register on our online crew database for international and local Superyacht jobs that come in. Our Crew Recruitment division is often able to place graduates in jobs and we have extensive industry contacts including alliances with international crew agents. Check out our site:

Training locations: STCW95/STCW2010 Basic Safety training is held in any of three Sydney locations (CBD, Mosman or Warriewood) along with sessions in Argenton (near Newcastle). Stewardess training is held in Castlecrag (20 mins north of Sydney CBD) and Pyrmont (close to the city). Deckhand training is held in Middle Harbour (a little north of Sydney city).

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Deckhand, Stewardess, Chef, Professional Crew training, STCW Basic Safety training courses in Sydney & Brisbane.